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The name is drawn from Vada Vriksha or Vata Vriksha, the sacred Banyan tree which grows to form an amazing cluster of strength, spread and wisdom. The root of this tree is the “Vadamoola”, and this becomes the guiding source of our vision.

An enterprise promoted / founded by Cdr Himanshu Joshi and Mrs Disha Joshi, This venture is aimed to function as an enabler in the societal development by engaging, Students, Parents, Educational Institutions, Professionals, Individuals and Organisations and assist them in raising productivity levels as also channelling their growth path in the field of their best interest. The enterprise comprises of a neatly spread portfolio catering to the demands of the times and in sync with reality to provide comprehensive solutions.

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The company shall never engage into business or any other relations with any entity who’s interests run contrary to those of ‘the Nation’. Should at any point of time in the company’s life, an evidence to the above emerges, the company shall terminate all dealings with such an entity. A declaration to this effect shall be made in all business engagement documents of the company to be wilfully accepted by potential partners / clients, customers.


Our Mission


To provide actionable information as a decision enabler to a large cross section of the society, businesses, individuals & other organisations for furtherance and advancement of life goals by Mentoring, Training, using psychological / behavioral assessment or other appropriate tools and systems. 

To assist, guide and advise desirous members of the society in pursuance of their learning, academic and life goals.

Our Vision


To engage with entities sharing common values and vision towards betterment, furtherance and advancement of the people who have propensity, penchant and proclivity towards it.

To provide services and consultancy to individuals and organisations in the field of learning, academics, Intellectual wellness and development, recruitment , human resource capitalisation and management of Corporate/ Business events .

To provide efficient, optimised & effective logistics solutions and services including procurement, sourcing and delivery, catering services to customers, both individuals, organisations and/or institutions 

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Vision behind logo


About Logo

The company has adopted the logo of a Banyan Tree (Vada Vriksha), with its roots (Vadamoola) spreading outwards & down wards and reflecting itself. This signifies the wisdom, strength, spread and reach of the organisation and a constant introspective approach. Sustained quality in services appropriately dignifying and justifying its name shall be the guiding ethos of the company.

With growth in the future, the company shall remain committed to being an “Equal Opportunity Employer” as also a provider of services on same ethos , without ever indulging in discriminatory practices with regard to Class, Caste, Colour, Ethnicity, Gender or Religion / Faith of its employees or potential employees or customers.



About Promoters

Cdr Himanshu Joshi, professor at one of the leading private universities as one of the founders is a Naval Veteran, a qualified Counsellor & Psychotherapist, Assessor of Group Behaviour and a recruiter with 30 plus year’s experience across a large cross section of domains which include, HR, Admin, Recruitment, Strategic and Preliminary talent acquisition, Learning & Development, Logistics, Procurement, retailing & Warehouse management, Civil works management, Aviation etc.

Mrs Disha Joshi, an alumnus of “School of Foreign Languages”, Government of India, and also an alumnus of Amity University is a French teaching professional. She has the onerous distinction of raising single handed the French Language Department in an International School at Bengaluru and currently engaged in augmentation of this expertise for online / virtual learning in French Language.She carries with her, over a decade of experience in the subject

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