8 imaginative Uses for Mason Jars (Warm Pancakes in a container, Do-it-yourself quick fix, and more!)

Mason jars are not just for Grandmas and their homegrown pickles anymore! There are plenty of distinctive and adaptable purposes for this traditional cooking area staple. Observe my personal sector on imaginative ways to use Mason containers….and specially when Marlon Wayans (best understand for aˆ?light Chicksaˆ? and aˆ?Scary Movieaˆ?) had a scare of their own when he encountered the pleasure of testing all of our preferred, southern delicacy: cool, Uncooked Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. Hey, it had been just a prop, I happened to ben’t planning on one to actually eat it!

1. rotate your own blender into a Magic Bullet! I favor the concept of the quick fix and it’s capacity to build individualized smoothies centered on personal choices. But my personal 14-year-old blender continues to be alive and throwing, thus I really do not should (nor want to) purchase one most appliance to use precious space for storing.

Did you know a regular mason container can be utilized as opposed to the pitcher of many blenders? Yes, it certainly can! Many removable knife assemblies screw correct onto a small-mouth Mason container. I like to save certain aˆ?smoothie productsaˆ? (for example. a mix of protein dust, ultra Seed, P2P, flax-seed, etc.) in containers in my own pantry, next toss in my personal favorite frozen fresh fruit for a simple, single-serve smoothie. And since I am able to drink it directly from jar, there are much less meals to wash. That is a WIN-WIN for me!

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2. Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. On a busy weekday early morning who wants to end up being trapped flipping pancakes over a hot griddle? Perhaps not me! This is why I ENJOY this amazing time-saver of having ready-to-cook people Blueberry Pancakes in a Jar. Your own kiddos can only seize a jar, take it inside microwave and breakfast was supported…all while you are slowly moving out of bed.

Formulation a cupful flour (i personally use whole-wheat pastry flour) 1 TB baking dust 2 TB sugar (or Stevia) 2 TB melted butter 3/4 mug milk Blueberries (new or frozen)

Integrate flour, baking powder, and glucose in a tiny pan, and whisk until combined. Carefully blend in melted margarine dating sites and whole milk until blended. You should not over blend.

Shop in a single day in refrigerator. Whenever ready eat, just grab one, remove the top, and make in microwave oven (1 moment for little jars, or 90 moments for larger jars). Top with hot syrup.And the best part: it is possible to consume these straight-out on the jar. That is LESSONS with a capital aˆ?K,aˆ? ya’ll!

3. Make-ahead Salad in a Jar. These are amazing to organize a few days ahead of time, store within the refrigerator and grab if you are headed out the door or maybe just want a quick dinner at your home. One of the keys will be layer the hefty and moist materials INITIALLY, therefore the some other things remain sharp and new. Discover a good example of just how to layer their salad:

1) BOTTOM aˆ“ dressing/liquid 2) Heavy ingredients which hold up better when submerged in dressing aˆ“ beans, cucumbers, radishes, onion 3) big things that may very well not need immediately holding the dressing whenever retained 4) Leafy greens/light things that occupy some space aˆ“ oatmeal, kale, chard, arugula 5) a tiny bit of big accent products aˆ“ nuts, vegetables, dried fruit, croutons, accent herbs 6) very top aˆ“ colourful components to improve your own taste buds as soon as you take available the container aˆ“ fruits, edible blossoms, natural herbs

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4. DIY Powdery Glucose Shaker. I enjoy sprinkle somewhat powdered sugar on french toast or brownies, but certainly there’s a massive mess that employs each time We take out that crumpled case. To avoid that, we placed a few servings in a Mason jar, seize a lid, hammer and tiny tack complete. Generate certain openings and…voila…you’ve had gotten your self a mess-free strategy to enjoy all those things white, powdery goodness!

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5. Foam milk without a frother. Do not have a fancy-schmancy espresso device with attached milk steamer? No worries. Simply complete a tiny jar with a little whole milk (only halfway) and shake before the dairy enjoys doubled sizes. Pop-off the lid and microwave oven the milk products for about 30 seconds.

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6. Home Made Food Surprise Containers. Well, duh, that one’s pretty self-explanatory, but i possibly couldn’t let it rest aside. We have most likely all got or offered a aˆ?Cookie combine in a Jar.aˆ? This current year we provided ChexA® Muddy BuddiesA® Christmas time gifts containers. Look at the tutorial here.

7. Store volume Foods When I get home from Sprouts, i have actually several large, plastic bags filled with lentils, quino and natural almonds. Keeping facts neat and tidy from inside the kitchen pantry, I prefer my handy-dandy KitchenAid expert channel to conveniently complete the jars and put my mass things on the shelves. I think my personal border-line OCD hubby appreciates the time and effort, as well.

8. Freeze Leftover Soups and Stews in Jars. I understand many of us want to make the turn from plastic to glass with regards to snacks storage because present studies have connected chemical like BPA, phthalates, and PFCs to health concerns in human beings. Whenever possible, I like to utilize jars for products I propose to keep for very long intervals. I’ll fill a jar with remaining soups, screw throughout the lid, mark they utilizing a sharpie, and place it for the fridge. Be sure to just fill to 2/3 filled up with water to allow for expansion otherwise the jar may crack.

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